Wallace is bæ

Did Azealia perform “Wallace” and “Chasing Time” in their entirety or did she just perform a few seconds of it?

If she performed it completely, then I’m gonna need y’all to record that shit. I wanna hear them, especially “Wallace”

(by the way, I told you “The Process” snippet she spit was “Wallace”.)

I’m tired of certain people constantly bitching about “WAHH!! I’M A SOCIAL OUTCAST! I’M AN AWKWARD TURTLE! NO ONE WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH ME! NO ONE LIKES ME!! SOCIALLY AWKWARD LOL!”, but when you try to reach out to them — no response, at all.

Shut the fuck up. Some people just like to be the “victim”.

performing “Wallace” (I’m assuming this means it’ll be a single eventually) and “Chasing Time” time live AND she’s going to back the look she had during her 1991 EP era.

I hope her album has that type of sound. She should put out a full length body of work with that sound before moving on.

the iPhone 6 is so ugly.

I’ll just wait until the next model that’s coming out in like six-to-seven months. haha.

andxewlxm asked: calling Tre Melvin ugly/irrelevant and Frankie Grande a faggot...have you seen your profile pic? up there looking like a fucking snorelax Pokemon. Dont try to drag people more successful than your ass including STILL! I repeat STILL trying to down size Nicki Minaj. Nicki dont even give an F about Azealia, why should you?????? i DARE you to respond you pussy without answering like your some motherfucking queen of Tumble. btw you never address the success of Bang Bang;) HA!

Tre Melvin, Frankie Grande, Nicki Minaj and yourself are ugly and talentless.

andxewlxm asked: so Bang Bang is Flop Flop? check the Itunes charts hunty....#sorrynotsorry

badbitchesspeakthetruth asked: Did you see that nicki got mad at the anaconda fart remix and her and universal made YouTube to remove it.. Like wtf?

LOL. She’s a weak bitch. Did you hear that her old high school doesn’t want her to come back?


If I’m not allowed to love Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye, Queen Bey, A$AP Rocky and Azealia Banks anymore my life is over :(